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What is up rolosquad! I recently got a few questions regarding the bottom position for pistols and single leg work in general! In this video we are going to go over 6 (4 feet 2 lower back) stability exercises that have been game changers for me! Before we go over those let's look at what stability is! In the last 8 years I have realized that when an athlete has an issue the common thought is "I NEED TO STRETCH!" OR "I need to roll this out until there is no pain!" The problem is that a majority of these...

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  What is up rolosquad! Today we are going to take a deep dive on box jump overs, burpee box jump overs, and everything you need to know so you can crush them! In this video you will see stretches, exercises to practice, prescriptions, and some coaching tips! Last shorter video Before all that let me show you what we are working towards: Box jump overs (Does them heckin speedy) Burpee box jumps overs (much wow) The cool thing about learning box jump overs is once you get it down all you have to do is literally add the burpee...

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As a female athlete putting your body through the rigors of daily training and life it’s extremely important to be mindful of nutrition and self care so that you can push hard and recover well. These are the four supplements we recommend our athletes take on a daily basis or as needed based on training.  Protein We generally recommend our female athletes consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight. For example, a 150lb woman would be consuming 150g of protein per day. This can end up becoming a lot of food, especially if you’re also consuming quite a...

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What is up rolosquad! How to create a supplement company from start to finish! 1. Come up with an idea. This is an important step! If you are trying to be new and innovative this one will be challenging because SO MANY supplements already exist. If you are amazing at marketing and don’t mind selling people stuff that might not actually work, there are plenty of companies who have supplements you can just slap your label on. 2. Once you have an idea, do some research. Go to google scholar and start digging. If you have no idea how to...

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Want to finally get your first muscle up?

Coach Rolo has worked with hundreds of athletes to get their first muscle up. This program is a culmination of everything he has learned. He has taken athletes from having no pull-ups all the way to multiple ring muscle ups.

There are no shortcuts. It takes work and discipline. If you can't stay focused for at least 8 weeks this program is not for you.

Those of you who are willing to PUT IN WORK! You will reap the reward.

Athletes who cannot perform a pull-up:

This program will help you build a solid base and get you closer or even to your first pull-up. This program will not magically get you your first muscle up in 8 weeks.

Please understand that you NEED this base to continue building to eventually get a muscle up

Athlete who are close or have muscle ups:

I have never met anyone who is too strong to perform muscle ups. What I mean is that using this program to get stronger and faster will only benefit you.

This is a base building program so we do not perform transitions. If people enjoy this program I will create a Part 2 that will take you through understanding the muscle up and help with transitions.

I hope you enjoy it! 

- Love Rolo

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