Before I became a coach, I had so many questions about fitness. I had five years of Marching band under my belt and plans to become a Music Performance Major.

When I started lifting, I was about 120 pounds and 7% body fat. My main goal was to get bigger and stronger. I wanted to put on muscle and compete with the studs at the gym.

I had one major problem...every time I asked a coach how to do something I would get a very vague, obvious answer.

"How do I put on muscle?" "Eat more food, and lift more weight."

Thank you, Captain Obvious! I wanted real answers. All the research I did online came up short and I decided to just continue maxing out everyday. Yup, I maxed out. Every. Single. Day.

Fast forward a few months and my good buddy convinced me to sign up for a Kinesiology class. At the time I had no idea was that was. All he said was, we will lift weights. 

We learned about hypertrophy, strength and conditioning,  basic nutrition, and so many fitness related topics that I thought were so interesting.

After having the most fun I have ever had at school, I decided to ditch my music career and switch to Kinesiology.

I learned everything I had been searching for online: programming, coaching techniques, nutrition for performance, and much more.

After all the years of vague answers, coaches making me feel dumb, and minimal progress, I was becoming the resource I wished I had.

I started coaching at a Crossfit gym about a year into my Kinesiology program. I worked with all ages. My youngest athlete was fourteen years old and my oldest was seventy-two. I had athletes with one leg and many with other limitations. I was also fortunate to work with a world renowned weightlifting coach, Patrick Cullen-Carrol. 

While pursuing my degree, I also got the bug to start competing. I worked with Crossfit Games-level coaches and athletes.

After completing my degree, I moved to San Diego and began my first full-time coaching job. I had the tools necessary to put together programs to help athletes achieve specific goals. I was having the time of my life!

Unfortunately, that gym was destroyed after being there for about two years. It was a wake up call. I went from a full-time salary to nothing in 12 hours. Fortunately, a gym down the street took us in with open arms.

I coached there for 3 years and found a passion in helping the "everyday athletes". People who are driven and are always looking to gain an edge in life.

Thinking back on my journey thus far, I only hate one part. That was getting written off, laughed at, given vague answers, and having to feel dumb all because others already had the "answers.”

I wanted to provide a place where there is no judgment, and help for the questions you have. I never want you to have to feel like I did. Want to get stronger? Cool, we will give you exactly what you need. Have any questions? Let us help in any way we can.

I pride myself in being open and honest with all my athletes, and what I lack in knowledge I make up for in resourcefulness. I have mentors and friends that have similar experiences as I have, and we want to help.

I hope you're ready to PUT IN WORK!