How to get fast at box jump and burpee box jump overs!

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How to get fast at box jump and burpee box jump overs!


What is up rolosquad!

Today we are going to take a deep dive on box jump overs, burpee box jump overs, and everything you need to know so you can crush them!

In this video you will see stretches, exercises to practice, prescriptions, and some coaching tips!

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Before all that let me show you what we are working towards:

Box jump overs (Does them heckin speedy)

Burpee box jumps overs (much wow)

The cool thing about learning box jump overs is once you get it down all you have to do is literally add the burpee in and you will be flying!

Step 1: Jump into a squat!

You just saw that during the box jump over you want to stay nice and low! To do that we must be able to land into an active squat laterally.

First practice jumping into a squat. If this feel awful let's address some common issues:

Calf stretch x 2 min each side

Quad stretch x 2 min each side

Pigeon stretch x 2 min each side

Standing fire hydrant x 10 reps each side

Seated abduction pulses x 20 reps

BOOM we addressed some common issues (Obviously I am not there to address your particular limitation so I gave you some of the most common I see.)

Do this warm up before practicing landing in a squat.

Anytime box jump overs or burpee box jump overs pop up in your programing practice landing low and stepping off.

Step 2: Lateral plus step off

Now that your jump into a squat is feeling good you are going to up the ante and now practice jumping into a squat laterally! Make sure to jump with your center of gravity splitting the box or else you might become a meme.

After the jump casually step down, prepare to jump again, and GO!

Be sure to step off the box and put 100% effort on the jump until you are no longer afraid of missing. Once you can do that its time!

Step 3: Bounding or nah?

 This is essentially the same feeling as doing double unders. Once you're on top of the box you will jump down with both feet, let your calfs take on the load and pop back up! This is FASTER but more PAINFUL! I typically bound until my legs get tired and then resort to...

The lazy method. Bounding maybe faster but if the workout calls for high rep box jump overs OR you're doing burpee box jump overs you are probably taking off from a non stretch reflexed foot. When doing this you will have to focus more on picking your legs off the ground and when you land on the other side you let take 1 extra second and let your feet settle on the floor.

SLOW and STEADY before FULL SEND! I highly recommend starting with some low rep emoms to practice. 

Ex. EMOM x 10

4 reps (Practicing perfect controlled reps.)

Give yourself a few months and you'll be able to crank out countless box jump overs!

Step 4: Trust your legs.

These will get to the point where all it takes is focus and determination to get the done. You must not get LAZY during the box jump overs or you will cartwheel over the box. The same is true for burpee box jump overs, trust your legs, but also FOCUS!

Good job you are now a box jump over savage.

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As always, the only thing between you and your goals is IN WORK! I love you - Rolo


  • Rodrick Lopez

    Thank you Deb! I appreciate the kind words! Feel free to post video of yourself in our private facebook group so I can help anyway possible!

  • Deb

    This is great! Box jumps in general have always been difficult for me and I have actually become a meme several times. I love having pointers on how to become more efficient when doing them. Thanks!

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