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ROLOATHLETICS currently offers:

1-1 Fitness coaching

We work with many different types of clients with all kinds of goals.

Our clients range from the person looking to move more and better their lifestyle all the way to professional athletes.


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It’s become my second home.

I’ve been getting personal training with Rodrick for Olympic lifts/gymnastics to help with Crossfit and overall fitness the past 2-3 months and have noticed such a huge improvement in strength, confidence, and endurance.

Everyone is friendly and welcoming at Rolo, plus they have a Competitive Female Training group that is awesome, and their Barbell Club.

I can’t say enough good things about this place!

Dr. Natasha Hastings DPT, CSCS

Starting 1-1 training with Rodrick was one of the best decisions I ever made. What I thought would be a few months has turned into 6 years. When we first started working together my goals were all CrossFit related.

After a few months of work - we crushed them all. I swear his luck has no bounds.

Over the last 6 years we have worked on weightlifting, CrossFit, weight loss, weight gain, etc… You name it - he has helped me throughout it.

Fast forward a few years and my love for volleyball has been reignited. While I played professional indoor volleyball I never had the chance to play beach professionally.

I told Rodrick my goal and he switched gears immediately. His research was thorough and we continue to strive for meet my new goals.

Rodrick has become an integral part of my health and wellness, constantly going above and beyond including making sure I’m meeting my recovery need and making solid referrals to prevent injuries.

Even while he adds clients to his schedule he always seems to have time to care for each of his athletes.

If you’re looking for a coach that cares - look no further.

Chuck Stanley

First of all, Rodrick is a great coach.

He is personable, really knows what is doing. I particularly appreciate the fact that he is attentive to every detail and able to correct and train everyone whatever is their level of fitness.

Whether you want to hit your next level of fitness or just stay in shape, or just have fun, you should go to Rolo Athletics.

I've done CrossFit for years, and tried several gyms, never found a place like this; not only you are taken care as an athlete, but you feel home as soon as you step in.

Federico Cavalleri

I am a seasoned CrossFitter and had been training on my own for several years, and was looking for a change.

I wanted to work with a coach on mastering some higher level skills that have been hard to master on my own, and I wanted to be part of a fitness community again, but wasn't interested in going back to a traditional CrossFit gym.

I decided to work with Rodrick because I really liked his unique approach- combining weekly personal training sessions with access to an open gym to complete workouts on my own when not doing personal training, and access to his female-focused online programming (Competitive Female Training- CFT), that I could execute on my own that would complement our personal training sessions.

I have been working with Rodrick at Roloathletics now for several months, and can't say enough good things about it.

Rodrick is genuine, personable, smart, and very open to programming sessions for me based not only on what I want to work on, but also on weaknesses that I need to work on.

The facility is clean, and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Rodrick's online programming for ladies, CFT, is also smartly done, and continuously pushes me out of my comfort zone, and offers multiple levels depending on your time commitment and goals.

Overall, I am super happy that I made the leap and am excited to see where my journey with Roloathletics takes me!

Definitely recommend!

Jennifer Bearse

This is a great place to join whether you are new to working out, trying CrossFit for the first time, or experienced and just looking for a great community to join. I’ve been doing 1-1 personal training with Rolo for 2 years. He does a great job programming and incorporating new things to keep you progressing towards your goals, whatever they might be. He’s also sure to explain the why behind the programming, which I really like. The people are great, equipment is new, gym is clean, couldn’t ask for any more.

Luis Juarez

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