What are Toe Spacers?

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What are Toe Spacers?

I am affiliated with Toe Spacers and get a percentage when you use my code when purchasing any of their products. Code: ROLO

What is up Rolosquad!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you have seen me wearing some weird things on my toes.

Or you follow my meme page and have seen me do stuff like this:



What the heck are those things?

What I have in-between my toes are TOESPACERS

They are silicone molds that go in-between your toes. It's almost like performing traction for your feet.

Traction is when you use something to help put a body part back into the right place. I see it used at the chiropractor to help people realign their spine.

While it may not be the exact same thing - it's pretty similar. You're using these molds to push those toes out while you do stability, and strengthening exercises.


Toespacers were not created to fix your problem by themselves. They are a TOOL!

This means you cannot put Toespacers on for 15 min a day and expect to be have perfect feet. You need to USE them consistently and perform the necessary exercises to restore full function of your feet.

Free guide on how to use ToeSpacers and their other products

Check out the guide above that shows you how to get started with their products and how/when to use them.

They even have programs available that will you help you get the most out of their tools. Check those out by clicking training guides.

Training guides

Be sure to read through their free guide to determine which products would make the most sense for you and your needs.

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My Toespacers daily routine:

What I love most about Toespacers are that they help me get into a rhythm with my morning.

Here is how my typical morning goes:

  • Wake up
  • Let the dogs outside
  • Grind some fresh coffee beans
  • Put my toe spacers on
  • Walk on the grass for 15 min while I sip my coffee
  • Hop onto the rock mat for 10 min
  • Stretch for 20 min
  • Perform my mobility exercises
  • Toe spacers come off
  • Rock mat gets rolled up
  • Put it all away and get the day started.

Simple and effective. Just how I like it.

If you have any questions regarding Toe spacers leave them down below!



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