What walking 10 miles a day did to my body and mind!

What walking 10 miles a day did to my body and mind!

What is up rolosquad!

What a journey the last 30 days have been! I walked 10 miles a day for 30 days. OR 20,000 steps a day for a month. Same same.

My friend Ashley wanted to do a 20,000 step a day challenge in the month of June so - we did it!

The biggest challenge was PLANNING when to walk. If you didn't start early in the day - it made for a long night.

I also did a few other challenges along the way for fun. A little self experiment. I love doing random things for awhile just to see if I can AND if I find anything beneficial from it.

I ate new fruits - discovered some new grocery stores with my ONLY eating fruit and meat diet. (Well some dairy in there too.)

*Disclaimer - I am not recommending anything (except for more exercise) I did this all for self experimentation.

THE MOST beneficial challenge I did was - 1 hour NO PHONE upon waking up. I felt superhuman. My mind was sharp - and my anxiety way down.

I saw someone say they never use soap or toothpaste.

My friends constantly make fun of me for showering too much and always being self-conscious of my smell.

So I decided to do what any rational human would do - stop using soap or toothpaste - or deodorant. HAHA I know I know...no one does that.

What is the last self experiment you did?

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