Complete Guide to Split Jerks | How to + Drills

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Complete Guide to Split Jerks | How to + Drills

 Split jerk work!

Hey Rolosquad!

I wanted to help you understand the footwork on split jerks today.

I am going to take you from not knowing ANYTHING about split jerks, to hopefully understanding deeper than most, why and how we move the feet.


There are more than 1 way to skin a cat. This is not the know all be all on split jerks. What you see in this video is what I have learned, and coached for the last 8 years.

If it works for you, great! If NOT it will still open you up to understanding split jerks more deeply.

Using this drills and this technique I have successfully taken 100s of athletes from NOT knowing what a split jerk is to countless PRs. 

I also use these drills in my own training and at my peak have split jerked 325lbs.


1. Perform drills without barbell

2. Do NOT move on until perfect 5 x

3. Add a barbell and perform drills again


- Just balancing with foot on lines.

(6 inch from front toe/12 in from back heel.

- Jerk balance

(Back foot on back line, dip and drive forward.)

- Tall jerk

(Up to toes and pull knees up to split)

- Jerk with pause

(Pause on dip and catch for 2 seconds)

Perform each movement 5 times.

You must perform 5 reps perfectly consecutively before moving on. If you miss a rep, start back at 0.



- Start to drop forward and shift their jerk forward a few inches on each foot.

*Fix this by staying up and down when dipping.

- Too much weight in front foot.

*Hold the catch, tap the back leg to the floor, and then stand up a few inches. This will activate your legs and help balance the weight. 


You will perform this EVERY SINGLE DAY

3 rounds:

5 balance in split

5 jerk balance

5 tall jerks

5 pause in split jerk

*With no barbell

*Add in barbell on the days you are actually doing split jerks in your workout.

You can make excuses why you can’t do this everyday, or you can do it and it’ll show!

The only thing between you and your goals is work. PUT IN WORK!

I love you guys.

- Rolo

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