Complete guide to rope climbs!

rope climb -

Complete guide to rope climbs!



Rope climb deep dive!

What is up Rolosquad!


Today we are going to go over rope climbs.


I have worked with many athletes who struggle with rope climbs and I am going to go over WHY in multiple scenarios.


You know why most people can’t do rope climbs? It’s because they watch my videos but don’t subscribe. If you subscribe you’ll have a 50% increase in rope climbing abilities. Just kidding, don’t sue me. Real talk though if you guys take what I am about to go over seriously and you in PUT IN WORK! I can guarantee you will get rope climbs.


We are going to TEST your abilities and prescribe work that needs to be done in order for you to be successful.


First test!

Just hang onto the rope.

If you cannot hang onto the rope WE NEED to work on your grip. Grip is a huge part of any movements that requires you to hang on.

Ex. If you struggle to do pull ups, toes to bar, c2b, etc… its really hard to work on them when you keep slipping off the bar. Grip will also help your barbell cycling which is awesome. Better grip will also help you hold onto the mouse as you drag the cursor over to the like button.


Here 5 of my favorite grip exercises:

1. Open palm DB carry

2. Plate pinch carry

3. Farmer carry

4. Towel holds

5. Around the plates


Prescription: Pick one of these movements 3 times a week to perform 250ft (carry). If you’re doing around the plates try 5 x 3 around the world reps on each side. These will crush those forearms and help you become a better holder of things.


Second test!

Hold onto the rope and bring your knees up.

If my athletes can hang onto the rope I now test their ability to lean back and bring their knees up to their chest. If you can’t bring your legs up say bye bye to going anywhere while climbing your rope.


Here are some progressions so you can work to being able to hold on to the rope and pull those legs up.

(In order from easiest to most challenging)


1. Tuck ups

2. PVC pull down and tuck ups

3. Hanging knee raises

4. Strict knees to elbow

5. Rope knees to elbow


Prescription: Our goal here is not only get stronger but also understand the movement! I would highly recommend being proficient at each one before moving on. Do NOT move onto the next movement until you can perform 3 x 10 unbroken of each movement. Once you are proficient at the movement move onto the next one but don’t stop doing the last one. Let’s assume you can do 1,2 and 3. And you are working to be able too for number 4, try adding this into your program


3 rounds:

5 knee raises

10 PVC pull downs and tuck ups

15 tuck ups.


*If you need more suggestions comment below!


Third test!

Lock the feet in!

You’ve made it to the third test because your grip is strong and your hips don’t lie. #Shakira​. It’s time to understand what the heck your feet are supposed to do during a rope climb. Without your feet your grip will get smoked, you arms will get smoked, and you will freak out if you end up anywhere up the rope because it feels like you are going to fall. (Which you might) So lets work on it!


*Without your feet you will need to be VERY strong at pulling. (Here is a video that even includes an example workout for getting really strong at pulling:​) 

Legless rope climbs are simple - have a killer grip and be really strong at pull-ups. 


2 types of feet:

1. Spanish wrap

2. The one I do (I have no idea what its called)


Prescription: Sit on a box and work on locking your feet in. You can try this EVERY SINGLE DAY. The easier, and faster you can get your feet locked in the better. 


LET’S perform a ROPE CLIMB!


Tips for rope climbs:

1. JUMP as high as possible.

2.  Lean back and tuck as much as possible.

3. Get as tall as possible and REACH!

4. Come down fast (​)


I hope this helped and set you guys up for success! If you found value in this please share this video with a friend! Don’t forget to like, that helps show this video to more people just like you! And please subscribe for more! 


As always, there is only 1 thing between you and your goals and that is WORK…so…PUT IN WORK!

Love, Rolo

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