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30 Days of Travel Workouts

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Program title: 30 days of Travel Workouts

Brief overview of program:

Do you find yourself on the go often? Maybe you need a quick workout to do in your hotel room. Did you find a bench or pull up bar and decide to get a workout in? Your hotel has a gym with limited equipment? Would you rather not spend your time trying to think up workouts?

We know how tough it can be to keep up with fitness while you are traveling. Often times, you are limited on time and need to get back to your trip. No need to spend time thinking up workouts - we have you covered. Get your workout in quickly so you can get back to enjoying your travels!

Focus of program:

  • Quick simple workouts on the go.
  • Limited to no equipment necessary.
  • Hotel gym workouts.


These workouts are not meant to be performed in sequence. Find one that fits your schedule for the day and hit it hard!

We added some notes on each workout which describes the intent, time commitment, and other pertinent info. Feel free to modify reps or exercise to your specific ability level.

If you run out of ideas or need a modification for a workout shoot us an email or direct message us on instagram and we will help you out.

We would love to see you hitting our workouts. Tag us hitting one of these workouts and where in the world you are! 

Program overview:

9 Indoor/No equipment workouts

All bodyweight movements. All you need is a timer.

7 Outdoor/No equipment workouts

You need a little space to run around.

7 Outdoor/Use your environment workouts

Maybe you found a bench/pull-up bar. Use them.

7 Hotel gym/Limited equipment workouts

Some light Dumbells is all you need.