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6 Week Pull-up program

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Program title: 6 Week Pull-up Program

Brief overview of program:

This is a 6 week gymnastics programmed designed to teach you body awareness along with building a strong back and grip to get you to your first strict pull up and more.

This program is meant to be executed 3 times a week and can be done before or after your normal workout. During each week you will perform the same day of programming 3 times, but aim to squeeze out one more rep or complete the sets at a slighter higher weight than the day before.

Make sure you take at least 1 day off between one day in the program to the next. Since we are focusing on certain muscles, we want to give them enough time to fully recover before the next day of the program.

Focus of program:

  • Building strong Lats, Biceps, and Forearm grip
  • Learning body awareness with the pull up bar, dumbbells, and barbell
  • Taking the body through full ranges of motion


Pull ups are a fundamental exercise that is utilized in almost every strength program. This program is designed for beginners to get their first pull up AND for the person that wants to increase their number of strict pull ups they currently have.

As you go through this program, focus on moving with flawless technique and not letting yourself move sloppy. Also, if you feel like the next phase of exercises look too complex and you need more time,repeat the same week a couple more times before moving to the next.

I’d recommend doing this before your normal workout so you can give your upper body all your energy in order to hit them hard. You can do them after as well, but if you do a lot of upper body exercises you will not receive the same amount of benefits.

Program overview:

Week 1-2:

Basic horizontal and vertical pulling (Volume)

Week 3-4:

Time under tension and grip strength

Week 5-6:

Heavy weighted pulls