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Nutrition 101

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Program title: Nutrition 101 

Brief overview of program: This eBook provides readers with a general overview of nutrition in addition to covering how to make dietary changes to change body composition, nutrient timing to optimize fat loss and muscle gains, as well as life factors that affect physique changes.

Focus of program: To teach readers the easiest ways to make dietary changes to effect body composition.

Notes: Nutrition can be a very complicated subject with many factors affecting how you look and feel. Before making massive changes in body composition, look at where your life is currently.

Make a REALISTIC assessment as to what is possible when it comes to making changes. Putting yourself in a huge caloric deficit when you are highly stressed and under slept just sets you up to get sick or injured. Looking to make massive strength gains when you can’t stay committed to going to the gym sets you up to gain body fat. The key to physique changes that are lasting are changes over time which you are willing to prioritize AND you can stick with.

Program Overview/Chapters:

Introduction- About this eBook and your coach

Chapter 1- Basic Nutrition

Chapter 2- Determining an Effective Strategy for Making Changes

Chapter 3- Implementing Changes

Chapter 4- Managing Diet When Life Gets in the Way

Chapter 5- Sleep and Stress and How they affect your Physique

Chapter 6- Supplements and Managing Healthy Testosterone Levels

Chapter 7- Reverse Dieting and Maintenance