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Hanging out!

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Brief overview of program:

This is an 8 week barbell program focused on hanging positions and hanging out in the bottom of your squats. It is paired with accessory work to strengthen common weak spots.

This program has 5 days worth of programing a week and can be done before or after your daily workout. If you feel beat up and need to extend the program out a few more weeks that is perfectly fine.

Make sure you take at least 2 entire days off each week. Recovery is more important than anything.

Focus of program:

  • Get more comfortable with High-hang, hang, and low hang.
  • Control squats. (No more slamming in the bottom of your squats.)
  • Increase overhead stability
  • Strengthen legs
  • Simple core work.



Before starting the program find a perfect 3-position snatch and 3-position clean. You will base all your percentages off that. If you go off of a heavy and sloppy max this will not work. This is all about positions and moving well. I would rather see you go too light and move perfectly.

The accessory work and Day 5 weightlifting has no percentages attached to them. The goal is to start light at the beginning of the program and build slowly throughout the 8-weeks. Again, we are getting comfortable with moving well.

I know we are all hungry to PR but before we move big weight we need to move the bar well and understand positions.

Program overview:

Day 1:

Snatch + Clean Positions Complex day

Day 2:

Leg strength + Hypertrophy

Day 3​:

Jerk + Upper body strength

Day 4:

Shoulder + Stability Core

Day 5:

Weightlifting day