Movement Progressions

Erick Hudson (@constantlyvariedfitness)

*Erick is not an employee of ROLOATHLETICS. He is a great friend of ours who runs his own business. Go check him out!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Coach


Erick “Huddie” Hudson is a CrossFit fanatic, who eats, sleeps, and breathes CrossFit. In high school, he found his love for Olympic Weightlifting while training for football. After graduating, he was doing traditional bodybuilding style workouts; he quickly lost his interest due to the minimal skill and boring repetitiveness that came with it. Hudson found CrossFit via friends who spoke about all the amazing things they were accomplishing and how much fun they were having. Hudson gave it a shot and instantly loved the “constantly varied” style, challenging movements, the intensity of the workouts, and most importantly the camaraderie and community aspect within the gym environment.

Hudson decided to learn more about CrossFit, so he acquired his CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and instantly started interning. Once he started coaching, he instantly fell in love with another aspect of CrossFit – helping people. Hudson loves helping people become better versions of themselves and achieve feats they never thought themselves capable of. He is always applying himself; studying to learn new things and spreads the knowledge he has to everyone around him.

Toward the end of 2015 another passion was born. Hudson created a YouTube channel called “ConstantlyVariedFitness”. This channel features videos of exercise tips, stretches for mobility, and much more that he creates.

Hudson is excited to share his passions; he is excited to bring his energy and knowledge to help you reach all your fitness goals!