Personal Training

My name is Rodrick. I work with ALL levels of athletes from professional race car drivers to busy moms and dads looking to stay in shape so they can keep up with their kids.

Step 1:

We chat about your goals!

Your goals are my #1 priority. Let's hop on a call to see what you're looking to do and whether or not I am a good fit for the job.

Step 2:

Let's meet! 

I'll send you my schedule and you will book a session so we can meet in person/on zoom.

During this meet-up I will assess where you currently are and we will create attainable goals.

Step 3:

Get started! 

We have created goals and now it's time to start working on them! We will meet for our scheduled sessions and get right to work.



30 min session


 60 min session




Personalized programming



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