ROLO Training - October 9th

Wednesday (Rest day)

*Yes I know its weird to rest on Wednesdays

Full Workout:

Rest day instructions: (From my coach)

Get outside for a hike or easy run, no more than 90 minutes.

Rest day thoughts:

I used to hate rest days. I thought they were pointless. If I worked harder and everyday I'l accomplish my goals faster right? Wrong! 

I thought I could be like Froning and train everyday. Nope!

You have to find what works best for you. Maybe a chill 90 min. hike will do the trick. Maybe you need an hour or so of yoga and mobility. Maybe you enjoy getting a massage?

Do what makes you feel prepared to crush the rest of the week.

I work with my coach to fine tune my training and recovery. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and I have to decrease volume in the gym. Balance is key. If you ever watch Parks and Recreation then you've heard these wise words by Ron Swanson.

If your life is busy and cluttered then you'll half-ass a lot of things. If you can find balance, you'll be able to focus on each task and Whole-ass that thing!

What I try to do on Rest days!

I try my best to actually relax and chill. Too often my mind is cluttered and I become panicked and uneasy when I "relax". My goal in life is to actually learn how. Diet and exercise are important but learning to manage stress is even more important! 

I try and end my rest days with a nice bath. Chill, read, recover. I also recently tried these infused epson salt soaks. It makes me soft and feel relaxed af.

Coach soak

See you guys tomorrow! #crossfitopen2019 Part 2

Comment below if you're doing the open!

 How to be successful in the open:

Friendly reminder to Work with Purpose, don't just work to work!



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