ROLO Training - October 28th



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If you guys click above you can see my entire workout and you will see the videos my coach has provided. Most of the movements are not common so it'll be much easier for you to follow along by clicking above!

20.3 Thoughts:

I'll start off by saying I am very happy about 20.3. In 2018 it was a very intimidating workout for me. I had been nursing my lower back to health and I had not done much deadlifting. With that being said, deadlifts have always been pretty miserable for me.

In 2018 I went very slow and watched many of my piers crush me. I got 21/21 @315 deadlifts in 2018.

A year and a half later I have been working with Coach GB for almost a year and he has helped me become much healthier. I was excited to do everything I could.

The clock started and I blew through the first set of 21 deadlifts and 21 hspu in about :50 seconds. The 225 deadlifts felt easy and Im pretty damn good at hspu.

315 came along and I was nervous about the first rep. I pulled and rocked 4. I did 4x4 and ended with a set of 5 to complete those bad boys. I crushed the handstand walk and got back to the bar with about 30 seconds left. I wanted one last hooray and took a deep breathe and held on. I pull 6 deadlifts and boom time was up.

It was a huge success and PR for me. I think another year of working on my deadlifts and back, and Ill finish that nasty workout.

How'd everyone else do?

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