ROLO Training - October 26th


 Actual representation on how the open has felt!

Full Workout: (Team day!)

Part 1:

3 rounds:
25 Cal Bike (each)
30 toes-to-bars (synchro)
Heavy sled push 100ft

Part 2:

7-5-3 synchro rope climbs
42-30-18 Worm thrusters

Open 20.3 recap:

Last year I had injured my back really badly so I was very careful on the deadlifts. I got through the round of 21.

This year, I have been working so hard on glute strength and back health. It paid off big time!

I was nervous but confident on my abilities. I was very happy how 225 felt. It was the easiest 225 deadlifts I have ever pulled. 315 was still heavy but I managed it.

I ended with 5 out of the 15 deadlifts which was a massive PR.

With only training an hour a day and focusing on my business Im very happy with my score and will only be more motivated come Granite Games time!

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