ROLO Training - October 24th


 I absolutely love this picture! My homey Imma and I after crushing 20.1!

Full Workout: (Click here)

Recovery Session
20 Mintues Ski Erg @ 2:05-2:10 pace
Foam roll legs x 30 sec/area
20 min bike @ 200-250 watts
Glute activation work (do this prone single leg hip extension and put your hand on your own butt and initiate the movement from there do 6-8/side with a hold at the top)
20 min rower, @ 2:00-2:05 pace / focus on breathing and strokes and form
10 mins breathing work, switch every 2:30 from position ( 90/90, squat, straddle, supine)
Loco Motion Work

20.3 Prediction: 

 Thoughts lately:

Just wanted to update you guys on life. I have been finally feeling like I have my groove back. Recently I bought a condo, moved, started a business, condo flooded, built a new kitchen, and changed my work schedule. On top of those big life changes I have also taken on more personal training athletes (+4) and have a marriage to balance. 

The balancing act gets rocked back and fourth often. However, after all of these life events, and just normal life stuff, I'm feeling good. Im training hard, competing in the open, making lots of content for you guys, and to top it all off I am working on staying consistently positive.

I hope you guys enjoy following along and reading about my challenges and goals!

Let's all crush 20.3!

Shoutout to anyone who buys the apparel! It helps me out a ton and I love seeing you guys rock apparel with meaning!

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