ROLO Training - October 22nd




Huge shoutout to @shawna_norton for redoing 20.2 and crushing her score.

Full workout: (Click here)

1) Glute Foucs

4 sets of:
10 Banded Side Laying Leg Raises (per side), controlled reps, NOT FAST.
rest 10 seconds
10 Banded Hip Circles (per side), controlled reps, NOT FAST
rest 10 seconds
30-40 seconds Reverse Glute Raise Hold (Active Glute Squeeze)
rest 60 seconds

2) Sandbag Walking Lunge

5x8 per leg, rest 3 mintues, HEAVY, think worm style on the shoulder.

3) Single Arm Dumbbell Row

3x20 reps per side, rest 90 seconds

4) Conditioning

3 Rounds for Time:
500m Row
500m Ski Erg
50m D-Ball Carry @ 150lbs
Rest 1 minutes
For Time: 15-12-9
Power Cleans Jerks @ 115lbs
Box Jump Overs @ 24ins

Mindset: (Something I spoke with Shawna about today.)

*All based on personal experience and not any science research.

We all have bad days and constantly battle with our thoughts.

Here are some common thoughts I have on bad days:

  • why the hell am I doing this 
  • This is impossible
  • This hurts
  • Meh I’ll never get there anyway

Good day:

  • deep breathe, push through
  • Let’s do better than yesterday
  • I got this
  • This is so good for me

Typically there are some common denominators when I have negative days:

  • Lack of quality sleep
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Lack of proper hydration

How could your mind run efficiently when your body isn’t??

Something that becomes apparent as I get older is that taking care of your body helps to produce a positive mindset. This isn't just in Crossfit, it for everything. When I have really productive, positive days its usually contributed to taking care of everything in my control!

Moral of the story, kick butt on whats in your control and practice positive thoughts. 

Fun stuff:

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