ROLO Training - October 21st


 Saturday is when we do Team workouts and choose what we feel like doing!

Huddie and I decided to end the day with a heavy snatch.

225 for Huddie/245 for Me!

 Full Workout: (Click here)


800m Run @ warm up effort RPE 3 (Easy)
Every 6 minutes x 5 sets;
1000m Run
800m Run (Cool down)

*Look to stay within 5:20-5:25 for all sets


Im writing this the night before and I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. I'm going to write a to-do list before going to bed and make sure I get it all done tomorrow. This helps keep me focused and on track throughout the day. It also keeps my mind less cluttered to be able to focus when I train.

I have a set goal to hit for these runs. I trust my coach 100% and only question him while I'm dying during the workout. 99% of the time he knows exactly what I need. All I have to do is go in and perform.

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