ROLO Training - October 19th

Saturday (Team day) 

 20.2 was brutal but enjoyable! Curious on my score? Check out my Instagram.

Full workout: (Choose my own fun.)

Saturday = I get to choose the pain I am in! Luckily I'm hitting a team workout with Hudson!

Part 1:

3 sets of:
30 seconds Nose to Wall Hold
8 Half Kneeling DB Press w/ Low band row (per arm)
AMSAP Top of Ring Hold w/ Palms Turned out.
Rest 90 seconds 

Part 2:

For time:
Row 45/30 cal
150 Doubles
15 Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder (100lb/150lb )
15 Sandbag Squats
100 Doubles
10 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder (100lb/150lb )
10 Sandbag Squats

Part 3:

Find heavy snatch

Have fun! Comment down below how it goes!

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