ROLO Training - October 17th


 Guys, Shawna got 30/12,000 on 20.1 WHAT A BEAST!

Full Workout: (Click here to see my notes/scores.)

1) Warm up

What you need for the day + Golfer elbow fix.

2) Gymnastics

Accumulate 30 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups, every 5 reps complete 25ft HS Walk over Plates, set up every 5ft.

3) Power Clean + Hi-Hang Power Clean + Jerk

Every 90 seconds x 10 sets: Build by feel.

4) Conditioning

For Time:
20 Devil Presses @ 20lbs
20 Cals on AB

5) Accessory Work

3 sets of:
30 seconds Nose to Wall Hold
8 Half Kneeling DB Press w/ Low band row (per arm)
AMSAP Top of Ring Hold w/ Palms Turned out.
Rest 90 seconds


Training Thoughts:

Honestly today looks really fun! I enjoy gymnastics stuff and the the other pieces are quick and painful (my favorite).

For the burpee muscle ups Im going to move as fast as possible and take little to no rest before the handstand walk. I've done 30 burpee bar muscle ups for time before and it took about 7 min. I think so my goal is to keep this under 15 minutes with the handstand walks. (Which will be unbroken.) Ill definitely be using toto wraps for this. Rolo10 here for 10% off! *I wear large

For the lifting today if my hamstring feels good I'll be trying to hit 265. My max power clean ever is 302. I'll work up pretty slow and be smart with my jumps. I always wear nubs during this.

Now this conditioning makes me excited. As weird as it sounds, I enjoy how painful devil presses are. They make me feel cool. Lol. I know...weird. It's like how ring muscle ups used to make me feel. I have no idea why. This is light and fast, full sprint until pukey.

Accessory work is necessary and boring in my opinion but it's what separates you and everyone else. I'll crush it to the best of my ability and call it day.

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