ROLO Training - October 15th


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Full workout: (Click here to see ROLO scores/notes)

1: Warm up:

Tennis elbow stuff + Whatever you need for the day.

2: Glute Focus:

4 sets of: 8 Banded Side Laying Leg Raises (per side), controlled reps, NOT FAST. rest 10 seconds
8 Banded Hip Circles (per side), controlled reps, NOT FAST
rest 10 seconds
20-30 seconds Reverse Glute Raise Hold (Active Glute Squeeze)
rest 60 seconds

3: Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4x8 per leg, rest 3 minutes, moderate load

4: Prone Barbell Row

EMOM x 8 minutes 4 reps @ moderate load

5: Conditioning

3 sets of:
15 seconds Max Cals on Ski Erg
10 Jumping Back Squats @ 95lbs
15 seconds Max Cals on AB
10 Burpees Over Bar
Slow Spin on bike x 3 minutes

My approach:

It's a pretty chill day. Nothing crazy or complex. My body is feeling pretty beat up to so Im starting the day with a nice little hike with my dog. 

If you need any demo videos go ahead and click the link next to Full workout.



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