ROLO Training - October 14th


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Full workout: (Click here to see ROLO scores/notes)

800m Run @ warm up effort RPE 3 (Easy)
Every 6 minutes x 4 sets; 1000m Run
800m Run (Cool down)

My approach to the running:

If you're like me you are not the best runner, rower, cardioer, but you want to be! Whenever I have workouts I know I really need to work on I either get really anxious or really excited. Typically it depends on how much sleep I get and how my recovery is.

If I feel good I try to push the runs and see if I can compete with the best of them. If my recovery is meh and I feel meh Ill try to be smart and push how I feel.

While writing this I'm thinking I can push and be fairly aggressive especially because its only 4 rounds. We will see tomorrow, follow me on instagram to see how they go!

What did I do to recover on Sunday?

My Sunday was pretty awesome! I slept in until about 10am. I took my dog out and chilled on the couch for a little.

At 11:15 Shawna and I went and watched The Joker. It was a great movie. It reminded me a lot of American Psycho. I ate a burger at the movies.

After, I came home and cleaned my place and reorganized some stuff.

Around 3 we had some fam come over and hung out for awhile. Dinner was shortly after and we had some good family time.

The end of the day was some grocery shopping, programming, and getting ready for the week.

Im ready to crush the week and excited for 20.2! Any guesses?


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