ROLO Training - October 12th


Full Workout: 

Open gym session:

Workout with the homies and have some fun. 

The open can be stressful and typically makes me pretty sore. To have some fun, clear the mind, and get some team work in I enjoy doing team workouts on Saturdays. 

We might make something up or find a past team workout from a sanctioned event and get after it.

Comment below what you end up doing!

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8 Minute Time Cap
100 Heavy Double Unders
20ft Obstacle Handstand Walk
Remaining Time 1RM Clean and Jerk

OCHO Chipper
15 Syncro Bar Muscle-ups
30 Syncro Deficit HSPU (6, 4in)
35 Hang Power Cleans (165, 115lb)
15 Syncro Bar Muscle-ups
30  Syncro Deficit HSPU
35 Front Squat
15 Syncro Bar Muscle-ups
30  Syncro Deficit HSPU
35 Shoulder-to-OH

20.1 Recap: 

20.1 was brutal! It hurt way more than expected and making that 15 min time cap was tough. I finished with a time of 13:58. When I got to round 7 I was blown. The last 3 rounds were a struggle bus. Im glad I finished. Snatches felt pretty good, I ended up doing 4/4 on the snatches and tried my best to survive the burpees. 

Comment below your 20.1 thoughts!

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