ROLO Training - October 11th

Friday (Open 20.1)

Full Workout: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Open prep + Coach thoughts)
Warm Up
10 minutes AB, every 2 minutes increase pace to HIGH Aerobic Effort
Spend time on what you need for the day and workout.
Accumulate 30 Sprawls over the Bar, take this time to find the hand placement and foot placement

Accumulate 20 Power Snatches or Power Clean and Jerks @ 45/35lbs (pull the grip in a little closer then regular snatch
4 sets build to race pace of slightly higher per round
20 seconds AB Sprint
4 Ground to Overhead @ building to 95
4 Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 2-3 minutes


This is straight forward. Come out slight above race pace for the first 2 rounds, that is whatever you feel you can sustain right above that threshold, be scared of it..then ease into race pace for the next 5-6 rounds, this is a pace that are use to holding in workouts, being able to provide you with enough gas to drop the hammer on the last 2-3 rounds.

This will hurt --- and you will not want to get up from a burpee or pick up the bar. Let me remind you this one thing before starting the workout. You asked for this, and you will get what you truly deserve if you push the effort and enjoy the suffering.

Remember “NO WHAT IFs”

Post 20.1)

Lower Body Movement Work)

Ido Portal Squat Routine
Accumulate 40 Quadruped Hip Circles (20/side)
Accumulate 40 Standing Hip Circles (20/side)
Accumulate 40 Hip Adductor Lift Offs (20/side)

Upper Body Movement Work)

Accumulate 30 Table Bridges
Accumulate 40 T-Spine Sky Reaches (20 side)
Accumulate 40 Quadruped T-Spine Rotations (20/side)
Accumulate 40 Prone Snow Angels
Accumulate 40 scap end range rotations in corba position (20/side)


Complete the following @ Zone 1
Hip Flow
Ido Potral Squat Flow
T-Spine Flow
Loco Motion

Let the body get relaxed and flow, and enjoy the movement, and just getting to know your body.

My approach to 20.1

I typically perform pretty similarly to my training. I do not switch gears during a competition and all of sudden pull a performance from no where. Which means!!!!

I will approach this workout like I would in training. Be smart about breaks, and push myself on the burpees. I'm not the strongest burpee doer however I know if I focus on quality of movement I can sustain a decent pace.

I try to train like I compete and compete how I train. 

I will be using Jerkfit Nubs during this workout for sure!

I will definitely not be wearing a shirt for this workout but after I will be rocking the "Little Logo" hoodie!

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  • Rodrick Lopez

    Woo 20.1 was brutal! How’d everyone do?

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