ROLO Training - October 10th



Full Workout: (Click here to see my notes/scores)



Accumulate 30 Turkish get-ups. (15 each/side)

*Every time you switch hands, perform 25ft Crab walk.


Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Front Squat

Every 90 seconds x 10 sets. Build by feel.

*I always wear these when I lift: Nubs


15 min @ Sustainable pace

1000 Row

800 meter bike.


My approach to todays training:

Whoop says my recovery is 94% however I drove a lot and didn't eat that great yesterday. I also only got 6:30 hours of sleep. With that being said I'm going to be doing the Open workouts on Fridays so I will move through today nice and easy. Im not trying to hit any PRs or crush my soul. I want to move efficiently and feel good.

I'll use moderate weight on Turkish get-ups so I can move smoothly and without any hiccups.

I will start barbell complex at 115 and maybe hit around 245+

Nice little move and groove piece at the end.

 I'll see you guys on the leaderboard!

Do you eat enough salt?:

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