ROLO Training - November 2nd

Saturday (Team Training) 


Full Workout: (Rolo makes the wods on Saturday)

Part 1: (Flush)

As a team of 3 accumulate 300 Assault bike calories and 300 Ski erg calories

*2 people working at a time.

*Switch every 2 min

*3rd person is stretching

Part 2: (Fat pump)

EMOM x 10

5 Bench press @BW/.75BW

Remaining time: Max strict pull ups

Part 3: (Fun practice)

Conga Line: For 5 min

1 Muscle up

Part 4: (Accessory)

5 rounds:

10 Synchro toes to bar

200 meter "Worm run"


20.4 Notes:

Im pretty happy on how this went. I finished 275 clean and jerk and got 3 pistols. My legs feel bambi. Im toast. Excited to train and have fun tomorrow! <3

Check out the Movemeber Campaign.


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