ROLO Training - January 13th




Full workout:

Snatch Complex

3 sets of:

3 Sn Push Press + 3 Sn Balance + 3 OHS @ 50-60% of 265lbs, rest 90 seconds

Snatch from Mid-Shin

6x1.1.1 rest 10 seconds between single, rest 2 minutes between sets

Build to moderate load for the day, think between 70-85% of 265lbs

You will snatch deadlift the bar every rep, good bar path, then you will lower down to the mid-shin position and perform the snatch.

In the Hole Front Squats

Build to tough 3RM for the day, rest 2-3 minutes

Build to a weight that will challenge your strength, but not your position or posture.

Set the bar up, so that your hips right below parallel. Make sure to create tension and trunk, and upper back is nice and strong as you drive out of the hole, lower back into the squat, and reset as needed.


4x10 reps @ RIR 2

rest 90 seconds


leaving 2 reps in reserve on last set.

Weighted Back Extension

4x10 reps @ HEAVY

rest 2 minutes.

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