ROLO Training - December 2nd



Team Training on Saturday kicked me butt!!!!

Full workout:

Session 1:

Aerobic Development - Aerobic Threshold
Keep heartrate between the following two numbers 144bpm-154bpm DO NOT GO ANY HIGHER then 154bpm
40 Minutes
40 Cals on Bike
40 Cals on Ski Erg

Accessory Work
3 sets of:
10-12 DB JM Press
rest 30 sec
4-5 Lean away pullup w/neg (4-5 sec negative each rep),
rest 30 sec
50ft Dual Overhead DB Carry (netural grip, and scap decompressed down)
rest 60 seconds

Session 2:

Back Squat
10x3 reps @ 75% of 3RM from last week (265lbs),
rest 2 minutes

4 sets of:
5 Front Foot Elevated Split Squat (per leg w DB)
rest 60 secs
6-8 Strict Toes 2 Bar
rest 2 mins
4 sets of:
5 Lateral Box Step Over w KB (per side)
rest 20 secs
8 Reverse hypers
Rest 2 mins

3 by 3 mins AMRAP with 3 minute rest after each AMRAP:
12 Cals on Rower
12 KB Snatches @ 53lbs
12 Box Jump Overs @ 24ins
36 DUs

Butt Stuff
3 sets, not for time:
Quadrupe Rock Back x 3-4 reps
Side Lying Clam Shell x 6-8 per leg
Banded Hip Thruster x 8-10 reps

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