ROLO Training - December 23rd


 Enjoy this clip from my latest vlog!

Full workout:

8/8/6/6 @ RIR 2 on first set, rest 1 minute before moving to A2

Supine Banded Hip Thrust
with 3 sec pause per rep, active glute squeeze.
8-12 x 4 sets, rest 2-3 minutes before moving to A1

Goblet Cossack Squat
5-8 reps @ 22X1 Tempo @ light load, rest 1 minutes before moving to B2

Standing Fire Hydrants
8-12 rep/leg x 4 sets, rest 2-3 mintues before moving to B1.
Conduct this barefooted, and drill the feet into the ground getting the arch of the foot active.

Mix Modal - Aer. Power Intervals
Conduct a total of 4 rounds of the following workouts. Alternating between C1-C2.
3 Minute AMRAP
12 Cals on Ski Erg
9 Hang Power Cleans @ 135lbs
6 Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 3 minutes
3 Mintue AMRAP
32 DUs
8 Hang Power Snatches @ 75lbs
4 Bar Muscle Ups
Flow of workout
Alternate between C1-C2-C1-C2 for a total of 6 rounds.


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