Put In Work

Put In Work 

I was always afraid to fail. Growing up I was under the impression that not completing something perfectly/correctly the first time meant failure.

This meant a lot of anxiety when trying new things. As I got older and listened to people I viewed as successful, Audible books, and even spoke with people I see as mentors, I realized failure doesn't mean what I thought.

Failure isn't falling short, doing something wrong, or even completely trashing your original idea. Failure is taking no action. It is falling short and not trying again. It is doing something wrong and not learning from it.

When I understood and defined failure, I was no longer afraid of it. It is a positive thing. The best part about failing is you'll find out so many ways on how not to do things.

When you fall short, or fall on your face, get back up. This was the inspiration for our Original apparel line - Put In Work. Don't be afraid of failure, embrace it, do what makes you uncomfortable, put your head down, and Put In Work.

Check out the line.


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