ROLO Training - October 8th


Power Snatch PR for me during this complex last week!


What is up guys! I'm going to be posting a link to my workouts and answering any questions you might have on them. Every day I'll post the link to my training log and you can see my notes, scores, and anything else I input for my coach.

If you are unsure how to scale, want help on a movement, or just want to tell me how much you love it message me on instagram!


 Mobility Ill be using before presses:

Hat I'm rocking today: (100% of profit go to Barbells for Boobs)


Full workout:

1) Warm up: Self guided - Comment below if you want a video on how I come up with my warm ups.

2) Glute focus:

4 sets of:

RNT Split Squqts x 10/side
rest 15 secs
Banded Monster Walks x 10 per side
rest 15 secs
Glute Bridge w/ 2 sec pause at end range x 10 reps
rest 60 secs

3) CAT squats:

3x5 @ -25lbs from last week, this should be light and fast reps.

4) Seated Z-Press

4x8 @ RIR 2-3, rest 2 minutes

5) Bike Intervals

Every 90 seconds x 10 rounds:
AB x 40 seconds Max Cals @ HARD Effort


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