A Love Story

Hudson and ROLO

My bff and coach Erick Hudson and I were on the forging fury podcast recently where we talked about coaching, finances, and how we met and ended up at Crossfit Humanity.

It is actually pretty crazy the ups and downs him and I have gone through to end up in San Diego. Here are a few things:

  • He was working a shit job
  • I was coaching at a different gym
  • We ended up meeting while I was visiting my old gym (His gym)
  • He became a Crossfit Coach
  • He got let go from that original gym
  • I got him hired at my gym
  • We coached ALL of the classes all day
  • We dreamed of moving to SD
  • I finally finished college
  • I moved to SD
  • He left that gym and moved to SD with my wife and I
  • He worked odd jobs while I was full time at Power Keg
  • He got hired as a social media marketing guy at Power keg
  • We moved a couple times throughout
  • He got hired at Power keg as a coach
  • We crushed it together
  • Gym flooded and got destroyed
  • We started shadow coaching at Humanity
  • He got the head coaching gig
  • I started crushing barbell
  • Now we both own homes in SD, have wifeys, and dogs.
  • Boom, let's see what the future brings.

Listen for the in-depth and hilarious stories.


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