week 4/12: the key word is "bodyweight"

deadlift - 15 mins to work up to a heavy double

10 rounds for time
5 deadlift @BW (men) / 75%BW (women) 
10 push up
15 air squat
*if you can't do all DL sets unbroken every time, scale 

strict pull up - EMOM x 20 mins: 
odd mins, max reps strict unbroken C2B
even mins, rest

20 min AMRAP
3 muscle up (bar or ring, your choice)
10 cal bike

run WOD 
800m warm up jog
8 x 400m sprint, rest 2x amount of time it takes to complete previous 400m
(example: if 400m takes 50 secs, rest 100 secs)

cool down: accumulate 10 mins of plank hold

Jerk: max reps at BW x 5 sets -or- 5x5 @heavy

20 alternating DB snatch 50/35#
20 toes to bar

for time
hang squat clean @BW (men) / 75%BW (women)
burpees over bar
chest to ring pull up
GHD sit up
*if you can't do 3 unbroken HSqCl reps @rx, scale

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