18 June: Deads, Pulls, and a too long plank

a) Warm up
2 rounds [20 KBS, 20 wall ball, 20 t-pushup]
15 floor wipers/side
15 cat cows
3 rounds [15 band pull apart, 15 bicep curls]
couch stretch x 1 min/side
3 rounds [10 SLDL/leg, 20 (2ct) russian twist]
band lat stretch x 1 min/side
foam roll lats x 1 min/side
foam roll glutes and quads x 1 min/leg

b) Deadlift
12 mins to find a heavy triple
*do not max out

c) 18 min AMRAP
10 deadlift 205/135
20 C2B
30 cal row

d) max plank hold
*one attempt, you can not transition from elbows to hands amidst the plank
(choose one and hold it)

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