9 Jun: Get your shoulders ready for this one...

a) Warm Up
5x [20 DU, 10 lunge steps, 10 band pull aparts]
pigeon stretch x 1 min/side
4x [5 double push up burpee, 10 hollow rocks, 10 db curl and press]
ankle stretch x 1 min/side
3x [10 barbell DL, 15 bent over row, 5 OHS]
shoulder stretch x 1 min
2x [5 clean & jerk, 30 russian twist/side]

b) Strict Press
Push Press

c) For Time
25 burpee box jump over (24/20")
50 strict pull up
25 burpee box jump over
*must perform 5 push jerk 135/95 EMOM until complete
*can take a minute off if you need to, but must start with 5 PJ at the beginning of the minute in order to be able to do work


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