8 July: Back Squats and Handstand Push Ups

a) 30 hollow rocks
30 russian twists
30 alternating v-ups
30 lunge steps (holding MB) w/lateral twist
frog stretch x 1 min
3x [10 shoulder press/arm, 10 burpee DB snatch (total), 20 air squat]
calf stretch x 1 min/side
3x [5 hang squat clean, 10 KTE, 10 banded good morning]
2x [scorpion stretch x 20 secs/side]

b) Back Squat
*rest as much as you want

c)E2MOM x 8 rounds
5 power cleans 155/105
AMRAP back squats
*score is # of back squats completed
*must perform HSPU and p.cleans every round

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