7 July: I hope your grip is ready for this one

a) 3 x[200m run, 15 kb SDHP, 10 scap pull ups]
30 sec of each: high knees, butt kicks, leg swings/side, side shuffles/side
3 x[10 bicep curls, 15 band pull apart]
hurdler stretch x 45 sec/side
3 x[5 strict toes to bar, 10 db pull over]
wall pec stretch
20 t-push up
20 hollow rocks

b) bench press
15 mins to find heavy single

c) for time
15 strict C2B*
15 kipping C2B
20 strict pull ups*
20 kipping pull ups
immediately into 3 rounds of
400m run
20 bench press at 60% of 1RM**

*underhand grip for the strict
**based on actual 1RM, not based on today's heavy single

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