6 July: Clean Complex and a quick sprint!

a) Warm Up
21-15-9 reps of cal row and sit ups
olympic wall stretch x 1 min
21-15-9 reps of wall ball and sit ups
wall shoulder stretch x 1 min
3 x[10 lateral shoulder raise/side, 10 bus drivers/side]
10 burpee pull up
50 ft handstand walk
banded walks x 2 mins
plank hold x 2 mins

b) 5 sets, find the heaviest possible of the following complex:
6 deadlift 
6 bent over row
6 hang power clean
6 front squat
6 push press
6 back squat
*start light, this gets tough

c) 6 RFT
3 G20 155/105
6 bar facing burpees
36 double unders

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