30 June: this seems new... but it really isn't (sorta)

a) warm up
2 x[400m run, 10 band pull apart, 10 KB SDHP]
fragon stretch x 45 sec/side
3 x[10 bicep curl, 10 sumo squats, 15 hollow rocks]
couch stretch x 45 sec/side
4 x[10 superman, 10 donkey kick/leg,10 bent over barbell row]
50 sit ups
50 ft handstand walk

b) Strict C2Ring pull up
max unbroken reps (do not kip) x 5 sets
-rest as much as you want, but no more than 3 minutes between sets
*scale accordingly 

c) 6 RFT
200m run
10 pull up
10 burpee DB snatch* 50/35#

*it is exactly what it sounds like, do a burpee and then do a DB snatch
*one DB (it is similar to a one armed Devils Press)
Do 10 total, not per arm

Keep your back tight and maintain good posture during these snatches

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