26 June: Presses and Lets shake those legs out

a) running drills x 3 mins
20 t-push ups
samson stretch x 1 min/side
200m run
20 shoulder pass thru's at the bottom of active squat
20 hollow rocks
20 ring rows w/pause
200m run
wall pec stretch x 45 sec/side
LAX ball to scapula x 1 min/side
200m run
3 x[10 triceps extensions/arm, 10 air squat]

b) Seated Press

c) 16 minute running clock
run 1600m
then, with remaining time, AMRAP
15 strict press 105/65
15 burpee box overs 24/20"

* I call them box overs because you do not have to jump, just get to the other side. This is mainly for those of you that did the heavy deads yesterday. If you did not do heavy deads, do box jump overs. 

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