25 June: Ok, Ok, I can get behind this one...

a) Warm Up
5 perfect lunge side
3 x [5 burpee,15 alternating v-ups/side]
scorpion stretch x 45 sec/side
3 x[10 bird dogs/side, 10 lightly weighted step-ups/side] 
20 floor wipers/side - holding barbell
20 band pull aparts
20 good mornings
20 bicep curl and press/side

b) Sumo Deadlift
15 mins to find a heavy double
*use straps if you have them

c) For Time
100 toes to bar
5 deadlifts 275/155# - every time you come off the bar

*any style DL permitted 
*DL bar should not be higher than 75% of your 1RM!

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