17 July: Heavy Deads and Heavy Front Squats

a) warm up
3x [200m row, 10 air squat, 10 hang power clean]
20 supermans
couch stretch x 1 min/side
3x [200m row, 10 power snatch (light)]
20 floor wipers/side
fragon stretch x 1 min/side
3x [5 strict chest to bar, 10 ring dip]
20 bird dogs 
15 squat cleans (increasing, any #)

b) deadlift

c) EMOM x 16 mins
2 bar muscle up
4 power clean 185/135
6 front squat

* you can take any minute off you want, score is # of rounds complete
*take a few mins to 
*rx+ if you do ring MU

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