16 July: Press work and KB action with dubs

a) warm up
30 aKBS (any #)
20 hollow rock
30 bicep curl/arm
20 band pull apart
2 min of HS practice*
pigeon stretch x 1 min/side
30 KB SDHP (heavy)
20 alternating v-up/side
30 triceps extensions/arm
20 band pull apart
front rack stretch x 1 min/side
5 mins to find a the heaviest thruster you want to find
1 min plank hold

b) Strict Press
Push Press

c) 3 RFT
20 KB hang clean to OH/arm** 32/24kg
40 ab mat sit up
80 double under

*handstand practice: HS hold, HS shoulder touches, HS walk, HS whatever
*you do not have to be inverted for an entire 2 mins

**hang to overhead: start from the hang, clean to your shoulder, and then you can press, push press, or jerk to overhead - your choice

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