15 July: presses and running w/kbs

a) warm up
30 sec each x3 rounds
[high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles/side, high skips, grapevine/side]
40 alternating DB snatch
30 hollow rocks
20 bicep curl per arm
10 strict KTE
wall pec stretch x 1 min
15 cossack squat/side
work up to a heavy double bench press  

b) Bench Press, heck yeah!
start at 50% of 1RM,
EMOM:for 45 secs, do as many reps as possible
you have 15 secs to increase # by 5%
continue until failure 
*ensure you have a spotter for this one, otherwise stop at 80% and do that weight for 4 total rounds

c) 5 RFT
10 burpee toes to bar
200m run


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