09 July: Sprint Training Day and the rest is pretty easy

a) warm up
800m run
butt kicks, high knees, side shuffles, high skips x 1 min each
2 min plank hold
3x [5 burpee box jump overs, 5 barbell thruster]
foam roll quads and calves x 1 min each
3x [10 t-push up, 15 band pull apart, 20 air squat]
400m run

b) 5 RNFT
15 bicep curl/arm
20 russian twist/side (weighted)
15 tricep extension/side
20 weighted sit ups

c) 10 RFT
400m sprint
rest half as long as it takes you to complete the 400m

*example: if you run a 400 in 1 min 30 secs, rest 45 secs

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