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A Tribute WOD for a fellow member of #teamjudgement. 
May you rest in peace.

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A little pump sesh ahead a simple (in concept) Metcon. Get at this, kids:

  • bench press
  • GHD sit up
  • wall ball
  • bike

Keep them shoulder tight, we need them tomorrow

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Lots of arm work going on today. Make sure to warm up your shoulders and back well before getting into it! This is wassup:

  • muscle up
  • running
  • burpee pull up
  • aKBS
  • burpee box jump over
  • burpee toes to bar

I know, right? Burpee everything.... dafuq?!

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Pretty simple day going on. But of course that does not mean it should easy. Make sure keep aggressive on the metcon.

  • back squat
  • hang squat clean
  • row

Let's get this good week started!

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Oof... this is not an attractive day, I know. However, many of us need to make sure we have strong lungs and are able to sprint. Here is wassup:

  • running
  • more running
  • and a plank hold

Dynamic warm up, kids. Then get at it!

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