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What is up rolosquad! How to create a supplement company from start to finish! 1. Come up with an idea. This is an important step! If you are trying to be new and innovative this one will be challenging because SO MANY supplements already exist. If you are amazing at marketing and don’t mind selling people stuff that might not actually work, there are plenty of companies who have supplements you can just slap your label on. 2. Once you have an idea, do some research. Go to google scholar and start digging. If you have no idea how to...

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I turn you into your own coach by showing you 3 different tests to take yourself through on rope climbs. You will be able to figure out what YOU need to work on before being able to successfully climb up the rope. I also give you advice on how to incorporate what you need into your daily training.

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Intro Thank you to everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice that give me the freedoms I have today. Without you I would NOT be in my comfortable facility making silly videos, training athletes, or enjoying any of the comforts of the modern world. Thank you to all the families of those Heroes. You may have lost a loved one but they will never be forgotten. Murph For those that do not know who Murph is or what the workout symbolizes let me give a quick overview. Murph is a Hero workout we do to commemorate Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal who...

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