You're doing ring dips wrong.

You're doing ring dips wrong.

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A common theme I observe with athletes at the gym are discrepancies from movement to movement.

For example: When I see people do muscle ups, they land in a very deep dip position. Most struggle to press up from there.

Then when I see those same people doing a ring dip their positions are totally different. This causes them to feel like they are working on their dips (which SHOULD make the press out of the muscle up easier) but they aren't.

You should focus on breaking movement apart, and when doing individual pieces, do them perfectly, and the same as you would when doing more complex movements.

Let me explain: If you struggle with the dip out of the muscle up, then watch a video and see where you land in the dip. Then when you go to practice just the dip portion, make sure you are getting into the EXACT same position.

Boom, no more movement discrepancies and now you can start to understand how you should feel/move in certain movements.


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